Discrimination Against Women in Judaism

It doesn’t matter what the religion is there is the same tendency for discrimination against women in them all. It emerged with patriarchal notions and the Islamic religion of Babylon that spread around the world. Old Testament stories that claim that all of the tribes of Israel were captured and taken to Babylon is only a way ignorance describes and excuses how the religion of Judaism is so close to Islam as to be almost identical to it.

They not only wear the same clothes, but they inhabit the same region and, like Christians, they have Jerusalem as their holy city. It is the heart of the three main religions and they all worship the sun god in one form or another.

After my reincarnation and knowledge of the Spirit of the Universe, the only real God, my passion has been to examine and identify the source of religious culture and this was located in Babylon. This city is the original home of Islam. This is one factor that has been covered over and information buried behind a wall of immense proportion to protect the religions born of it.

At the age shown to me between lives the Spirit commissioned me to tear down that wall and expose its roots. It gave me the identity of the two beasts who are responsible for it. The first is Mary, a term that means ‘mother’s powerful eye’, and it is the sun-star that forms when light passes through an object and disperses into the glorious rings of moving colour. Central to it is the right-angled cross.

The second beast is Constantine who is descended from the Amor who occupied Babylon and built the Persian Empire. This enormous take-over of nations enabled them to spread their Islamic ways throughout the then known world. They built Roma (reverse Amor) and are featured in ancient text from the Assyrian regions as brutal, animal like in their treatment of others, and savage murderers.

The Roman empire continued in the same way, but as they had the upper hand in how things were recorded, their earlier history was pushed aside and the new religion of Constantine, the Catholic Church, continued to do the same. The Vatican which he built over the temple of Jupiter (Peter in English) was given power over life and death and the strict patriarchal Islamic notions that men are made in the image of God was upheld.

All the religions born of it have the same principles and, for that reason alone, are easily identified. Mary, a the chief God and partner of men, is safe-guarded against jealousy that might be expressed if they consider women in a different light. That is why they are forbidden from taking part in religious services or are forced to the back of the temple or mosque. They also cover themselves so as not to be noticed when in public.

Although the rules have relaxed somewhat they remain as a constant reminder of the relationship between Judaism and Islam.

Norma Holt has memory of her reincarnation and knows that reincarnation is fact and that everyone who has lived is back. They are turning to the Mountain of God which is the Internet promised for the last days (Micah 4:1) for answers.

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