Before it was a major tourist attraction, full of breathtaking beaches, and an excellent nightlife, Pattaya, Thailand used to be nothing more than a simple fishing village. It was later stumbled on upon by Bangkok, and then turned into a beach resort in the 1960’s. Since its transformation, Pattaya, Thailand has become one of the most popular vacation destinations, and its tourist rate has completely gone sky high!

The weather in Pattaya represents a mostly tropical climate, mainly wet and dry. It stays relatively warm all year long, depending on the time of year and the amount of rainfall. If you are considering a trip to Pattaya you will most likely want to stay away from going in September or October, this is when it is the hottest and when the rainfall is in full effect. Most tourists tend to venture to Pattaya for Christmas and the New Year, mainly to get away from their snow bound cities. Pattaya offers a few of the most beautiful beaches; the world has ever seen and is definitely worth checking out! Pattaya is also known for its excellent nightlife, full of an array of clubs and bars that cater to anyone looking to have a fun time!

Pattaya, Thailand is a beautiful and excellent place for anyone who is looking for an adventure. Pattaya is full of wonderful attractions and destinations to keep any vacationer busy. If you are looking for a place that has a vivid daytime scene as well as nighttime scene then you should check into venturing to Pattaya. This is a place where eyes can be opened to a completely new world, where different languages are spoken, and different people can be seen from all over the world. If you are looking for a vacation away from the cold winter you seem to be stuck in, take a visit to sunny and hot Pattaya. You will always either get a warm day, or a hot day as well as some rain here and there, but that is all a part of the ambience of Pattaya! There is a nice variety of local food that tourists love to munch on such as excellent fresh seafood and various dried fruits! So, if you are looking for the right hotspot and you need to get away from the life you seem to be stuck in, grab some travel books and see what Pattaya, Thailand has to offer, excellent scenery, beautiful weather, and a wonderful crowd of people, check it out!